Monday, October 13, 2008

A Blog Suborned

I stopped following a blog today.

The owner of the blog, a literary agent, started to use the blog to express political opinions. Now, there is nothing wrong with expressing those types of opinions. But it would be better to start a new blog for that purpose than to use your pre-existing blog about being an agent. That's rather underhanded, in my opinion.

And even though the agent had previously been on my list of those to consider querying, I now have doubts. Does it matter that she sounds like a good match? Does it matter that I seem to write the sort of fiction she seems to like? Can I trust her, given her dishonesty in regards to her own blog?

Even if I had agreed with her political viewpoint, which I don't, I would have stopped following her blog. I simply don't like politics. I don't want to hear about it. On election day, I will go to the poll and make my own choice irregardless of what anyone else on earth thinks about the candidates or issues.

So by using a blog as a vehicle for political preaching, this agent not only offended me, she may have gotten herself removed from my consideration as an agent. I know, she doesn't care. Neither do I.

Rant complete.

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